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Decipher My Data involves the sharing of data from your school. Not personal data, not students’ data, but it is important you are aware of what is involved.

Please read the following information before signing up. We will ask your Headteacher for permission before providing access to the data.

If you have any questions please email

What happens to your data – the small print

Decipher My Data Energy is a free online educational project that uses your school’s electricity consumption data to help teach about electricity and data. It is also a real science research project that aims to help us understand more about energy usage in schools and the effect of interventions. We encourage collaboration between participating schools and between the schools and the team of experts and academics supporting the project. This means that your school’s data could be shared in various ways.

  1. This project may become open to all schools, however it’s currently only supported for primary schools in Bristol.
  2. Your teachers, school business manager and students (as allowed by you) will be able to view and analyse your electricity consumption data.
  3. Graphs may be shared through LabLogs created by your teachers. They will be visible to anyone visiting the site but your school name will not be visible.
  4. Your data will be included in an “average school” line for comparison. Your school’s data will not be readily identifiable from this.
  5. Your data will be shared with our team of academics and experts in order to further their understanding of electricity consumption in schools. Any use of the data for publication will be anonymised.
  6. You can withdraw from this project at anytime by sending an email to – your data will be removed from the site, but if it has already been shared with other schools that can’t be taken back.
  7. No personal data about your students will be shared at any time. All LabLogs and comments from students will be moderated and edited to remove personal details.
  8. Non-identifying content from your school may be used to promote the project to other schools.
  9. This is a research project funded ultimately by OFGEM. It is a requirement that the project is evaluated. We may contact you to ask for an interview about your experience.

Once we receive your submission, we’ll set you up with a school account then get back to you with the next steps for for introducing Decipher My Data to your school. You should hear from us within three working days.

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